The Law Office of Charlie Dickman

For the past 13 years, Charlie Dickman has been a recognized leader in courtrooms throughout Missouri and Kansas and has built an exceptional record of success. Throughout his career in law, Charlie has routinely handled high-profile, high-stakes litigation. From complicated defective products cases to a million dollar car wreck case in Platte County; from a complex bank fraud lawsuit to a Hollywood movie star needing representation throughout the Midwest, clients know when they have difficult, thorny issues, they can turn to Charlie Dickman, with confidence.

Charlie currently handles trucking and auto injury cases, unpaid overtime and wages cases, and employment discrimination cases across both Missouri and Kansas. In addition, he is very selective in the clients he takes and those he does take, he treats like family, and everyone knows Charlie loves his family. At the end of the day, Charlie sleeps well, knowing he has done his very best for each and every client. †

Call Lawyer Charlie Dickman at 816-505-1906. You can rest assured: If Charlie canít help you with your legal problem, he will help you find the right Missouri or Kansas lawyer who can.

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